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Compact Probes Compact Probes For industrial applications, the use of capacitive fill level sensors is a proven, universal and cost-efficient technique measuring the fill level and limit level of liquids, bulky goods, pastes, adhesives and chemically aggressive materials. Use the CAPselect system to configure your compact probe entirely in line with your needs - depending on the application, container type and sensor properties. CAPTRON produces probes with millimetre accuracy to ensure full flexibility. Choose from a range of combination options between electronics, process connections, rod types and rod lengths. Other additional options for compact probes include: LightCAP for container illumination, the integrated PT100 for measuring the temperature of the medium and increased pressure resistance for probes. Thanks to their wear-free electronics combined with high-quality material such as stainless steel, Teflon and Peek, CAPTRON fill level sensors are reliable, robust and long-lasting. To choose the perfect measuring technology for your needs, speak to our CAPTRON experts: CAPTRON Service. CAPTRON -
External Probes External Probes The CAPTRON standard probe rod is made of virgin PTFE (Teflon). It is available with diameters of 21 mm und 14 mm. The probe rod version can be selected: 1-rod version or 2-rod version are available. One of the outstanding features of the probe rods is that they are not available in pre-fabricated standard lengths, but that CAPTRON produces each probe with a maximum length of 3000 mm to the nearest millimetre in line with the customer’s request. The compact design allows medium temperatures up to 230°C. In addition, other rod materials, e.g. PEEK, are available upon request. CAPTRON -
External Amplifier External Amplifier The external amplifier is connected to the rod probe via a shielded, temperature resistant tefloncable. Due to the spatial separation of the rod probe and the amplifier, these probes are suitable for temperatures up to 230°C. They can be mounted on a planar surface using the fasteningflange. Optionally, an adapter for DIN rail mounting is available. CAPTRON -
Oil Probes Oil Probes The probes in the CAA-60 series are made entirely from high-quality V4A stainless steel and are ideal for rough and hygienic applications in industry. Its compact and robust design has been developed especially for hard-to-reach or smaller containers, storage tanks, separators and lubricant containers on filling systems and can withstand even the most adverse measuring conditions. The probes can be synchronised with virtually all fluid, paste-like and poorly conducting media such as oil, delivering reliable and accurate measurements. Depending on the application, choose between analogue or switched outputs. CAPTRON produces your probes with millimetre accuracy to ensure full flexibility. To choose the perfect measuring technology for your needs, speak to our CAPTRON experts: CAPTRON Service. CAPTRON -
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