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Read-heads-CES Read-heads-CES Description The read head is fastened to the fixed part of the safety guard and is connected to the evaluation unit via a two-core screened cable. The actuator fastened to the safety guard is moved towards the read head by closing the door. When the switch-on distance is reached, power is supplied to the actuator via the read head and the read head transfers the actuator's data to the evaluation unit. More information Transponder-coded read heads Actuator and read head have a wide operating distance and a broad hysteresis. Misalignment of the door will therefore not result in the system switching off unintentionally. If the actuator is positioned exactly at the limit of the switch-on distance, vibration at the safety guard will not cause the machine to stop unintentionally. EUCHNER -
Read-heads-CEM Read-heads-CEM Description With transponder coding Integrated solenoid (without guard lock monitoring) Up to Category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 for monitoring the position of the safety guard Adjustable adhesive force optional Design and functionality A CES read head and a solenoid are integrated into the CEM read head. The CEM read head is connected to the CES evaluation unit with a round M8 plug connector. The CEM actuator of identical design also has a metal plate in addition to the transponder; this plate acts as an armature for the solenoid coil. When the safety door is closed, the CEM actuator enters the operating distance of the CEM read head. The transponder signals are transferred, and then the evaluation unit closes the safety contacts and sets the OUT output to High. By applying voltage to the solenoid for the CEM read head, strong magnetic forces are generated between the coil (in the read head) and the armature (in the actuator). Depending on the version, locking forces of approx. 650 N or 1000 N respectively are applied between the CEM actuator and the CEM read head. Practical experience has shown that these magnetic forces effectively prevent any opening, even if the user applies considerable effort. More information Use of the read head even in extremely harsh environments The read heads CEM have an extremely robust design. The high degree of protection IP 67 and the metal housing allow the read head to be used in extremely harsh environments. The armature plate for the CEM actuator has spring mountings and can be tilted up to an angle of ± 4¡. Therefore, when a misadjusted safety door is closed, the CEM actuator adjusts itself independently to the surface of the CEM read head. It is not necessary to readjust the safety door when using the read heads CEM. When mounting the read head CEM, it is only necessary to ensure that the CEM actuator is guided in front of the CEM read head when the door is closed, so that the strong adhesive forces can be generated EUCHNER -
Read-heads-CET-AX Read-heads-CET-AX Description Read head with guard locking and guard lock monitoring Up to Category 4 High locking forces up to 6,500 N Integrated transponder coding Metal housing Design and functionality With the read head CET-AX, EUCHNER provides monitored guard locking based on non-contact transponder technology. This means that the switch can also be used on systems with overtraveling machine movements for personal protection. When closing the safety guard (hinged or sliding door), the spring-loaded transponder in the actuator is inserted into the recess on the read head. The read head detects the closed safety guard in its guard locked position. The CES evaluation electronics enables the safety circuit when the safety guard is locked. When the moving parts of the machine come to a standstill, the solenoid integrated into the read head can be activated by a safe standstill monitor or by a timer relay. The solenoid's plunger then raises the spring-loaded transponder, which allows the safety guard to be opened. More information Use of the read head even in extremely harsh environments Due to the extremely robust metal housing, the switch is suitable for the harshest ambient conditions and when guard locked achieves a locking force of 6,500 N Ð a characteristic that is advantageous particularly for heavy doors. With the safety guard closed, the CET-AX provides around ± 5 mm of freedom of movement in all 3 directions (x, y, z direction) Ð even if the safety door drops over time it will not be necessary to readjust the actuator. The insertion ramp can be rotated in 90¡ steps. As a result the switch is suitable for doors hinged on the right and left. Different versions Along with the standard version with a single ramp, there is also the CET-AX with a double ramp that is perfectly suited to swing doors and rotary tables. That is, wherever the approach is from two sides and where the read head must also be "passed over". As an option, EUCHNER also offers versions with escape release. Th EUCHNER -
CKS-key-adapter CKS-key-adapter Features Starting dangerous machine movements is not possible when the key is withdrawn Suitable for the highest safety requirements: Cat. 4 / PL e Every key is unique High protection against tampering More information Key adapter CKS Ð safe entry into installations The new CKS is a transponder-technology-based system consisting of a uniquely coded key, a key adapter and a CES evaluation unit. Thanks to its compact, robust design and its high degree of protection (IP67), the CKS is suitable for industrial use. The functional principle of the CKS couldn't be simpler. When the key is inserted in the key adapter, the evaluation unit reads the data from the transponder and checks it for validity. If the key is recognized, the evaluation unit switches the safety outputs. Therefore, it is possible to start the installation only with a valid key inserted in the key adapter. The CKS system can thus be used when servicing installations, for example. Before the authorized personnel enters the installation, the CKS key is withdrawn from the key adapter and brought along into the installation. If the safety guard is now closed unintentionally, the installation cannot start. This characteristic allows the CKS to be integrated into overall concepts of installations with the highest safety level (Cat. 4. / PL e). In addition to use as a lockout mechanism, the CKS system is ideally suited as an electronic key transfer system or for assigning access rights to stop a production process. EUCHNER -
Field-evaluation-unit-CES-FD Field-evaluation-unit-CES-FD Your advantages Maximum safety with Cat. 4/PLe Minimal wiring effort Small space requirement No additional rail mounted evaluation unit required For tight situations Ð the new field evaluation unit CES-FD-AP The new product CES-FD-AP from EUCHNER is a small and compact field evaluation unit for connecting external transponder-coded read heads CES. The system is used for monitoring safety guards or moving machine parts in confined areas. More information The read head CES-A-LMN with an M12 thread is small and can be connected directly to the field evaluation unit. Data evaluation takes place directly in the field, requiring no space in the control cabinet. The new CES-FD-AP is equipped with two LED displays for status indication, permitting rapid diagnosis. Additionally, the field evaluation unit permits limit-range indication of the read head. This permits any misalignment of the read head or actuator to be detected and remedied in good time. Connection of the CES-FD-AP is very simple and fast thanks to the plug connector. Direct connection to a decentralized peripheral device such as the SIMATIC ET200pro or ET200s is also possible. The complete system meets the most demanding requirements from EN ISO 13849-1 with Category 4/PLe. The compact housing design, the robustness of the CES-FD-AP and the high degree of protection IP 67 permit use in very harsh environments and space-saving installation in the field. EUCHNER -
Evaluation-units-CES-AZ Evaluation-units-CES-AZ Monitoring outputs Start button Feedback loop Unicode or multicode evaluation units Guard lock monitoring More information CES evaluation units combine transponder evaluation and a safety relay in one device The CES evaluation units have two enable paths and monitoring outputs for each read head connected. Depending on the series, the devices have additional monitoring outputs, as well as connections for a monitored Start button and feedback loop. Start button Evaluation units with a connection for a Start button permit a monitored, manual start. The relay is started by actuating a button. The button is monitored for jamming or possible tampering (monitoring of the falling edge). Prior to starting the evaluation unit, the safe state of the safety components connected must be re-established. Feedback loop Components connected downstream of the safety relay can be monitored for correct function. For this purpose normally closed contacts on these components are integrated into the feedback loop on the evaluation unit. Unicode evaluation units With the unicode version, the actuators must be taught-in on the evaluation unit. During teach-in the actuator code is assigned to the evaluation unit. This code is saved in the evaluation unit. Whenever an actuator is read, the evaluation unit compares the code just read with the code saved. Only if the two bit patterns are identical, the actuator is recognized and the enable paths are closed. The number of possible teach-in operations is dependent of the evaluation unit used. Only the last actuator taught-in is detected. The unicode principle provides a high level of protection against tampering. Multicode evaluation units Unlike systems with unique code detection, with multicode evaluation units a specific actuator code is not requested, instead it is only checked whether the actuator is of a type from EUCHNER that can be detected by the system (multicode detection). There is no exact comparison of the actuator code with the co EUCHNER -
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