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Enabling-switch-ZSM Enabling-switch-ZSM Ergonomic design Wide variety of configurations Tactile and optical feedback Single-hand operation The ZSM is more than just a conventional enabling switch. Due to its modular design a large number of additional functions can be integrated. Additional components such as a stop device, LED displays or a key-operated rotary switch make the ZSM a multitalent and almost a small hand-held pendant station. A special feature is the new vibration signal that tells the operator whether the enabling switch is in the enabling position. With its rubberized grip, the switch lies securely in the hand. The well thought-out design and the low weight result in fatigue-free working. Your advantages Multifunctional due to different versions Key-operated rotary switch Stop command device Mini joystick LED displays, etc. 3-stage enabling switch Feedback in the enabling position Ergonomic design EUCHNER -
Enabling-switch-ZSB Enabling-switch-ZSB Features Housing G1, G3 with additional +/- pushbuttons 3-stage function Dual-channel version Connection cable straight, coiled Plug connector optional Key-operated rotary switch or selector switch and emergency stop optional (only in housing G3) More information You will find further information in our product catalog. EUCHNER -
Enabling-switch-ZSA-ZSR Enabling-switch-ZSA-ZSR Housing G1 2/3-stage function Single or dual-channel version Kit without connection cable More information You will find further information in our product catalog. EUCHNER -
Built-in-enabling-switches-ZSG-ZSE-and-ZXE Built-in-enabling-switches-ZSG-ZSE-and-ZXE Features 2/3-stage function Dual-channel version Optionally with 22.5 mm, 30.5 mm or 34.4 mm installation dimension Suitable, for example, for installation in the hand-held pendant station HBA, HBM or HBL 2-stage function Enabling function is active in the second stage (pressed position). When the button is released, the enabling is removed (see function sequence). 3-stage function Enabling function is only active in the second stage (middle position, actuating point). If the button is released or pushed further (panic function), the enabling is removed (dependent on the wiring, see function sequence). More information You will find further information in our product catalog. EUCHNER -
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