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EMERGENCY-STOP-ES EMERGENCY-STOP-ES As per EN ISO 13850 the emergency stop function is a function that is intended to avert an impending hazard for personnel, damage to the machine or work in progress, or to alleviate existing hazards, and that is to be triggered by a single user action. For this purpose controlgear is required that is equipped with a red actuator, that is the mushroom-head button in red; the button is to have a yellow background. The emergency stop function is generally only allowed to provide safety in addition to the directly acting safety functions. Directly acting safety functions are, for example, safety switches on safety doors that cause a hazard to be shut down without conscious action by the user. More information EUCHNER emergency stop controlgear features very innovative technology. All controls ES-É have contact block monitoring to check whether the switching elements fitted are actually all correctly seated in the switch. If the switching elements should come loose unintentionally, an emergency stop command is triggered automatically by the detaching switching elements. The controls ES-XN.. have a protective collar that makes it possible to fit a padlock when the mushroom-head button is pressed. As a result it is not possible to pull the control back out. This measure is used to provide personnel who must work in the danger area inside a machine with simple and effective protection against inadvertent power up of the machine. The reset mechanism on the EUCHNER emergency stop controlgear is very sophisticated. The majority of buttons can be reset by either turning or pulling. And this feature is not an option, but in general standard. EUCHNER -
Rope-pull-switch-RPS Rope-pull-switch-RPS Description Rope pull switches RPS are emergency stop devices for protecting large, expansive machine or installation areas that cannot be protected by an enclosing housing or cover. Areas of an installation or machine can be shut down immediately from any point in the working area in the event of danger. EMERGENCY STOP device with detent mechanism according to EN ISO 418 and EN 60204-1 Fast and simple rope fastening to the switch by means of tensioning device Combined EMERGENCY STOP and reset function directly on the switch housing Indication of correct rope tension 3 cable entries M20 x 1.5 Switching elements with 4 switching contacts More information Task of rope pull switches The trip range is much larger than for switches with an EMERGENCY STOP pushbutton, since operation is possible over the whole rope length and is not restricted to the small area within reach of the switch. Rope pull switches are used whenever it is necessary to protect large danger areas where it is not possible or too complex to fit a housing or cover. The advantage is that areas of an installation or machine can be shut down immediately from any point in the working area in the event of danger in cases where it would otherwise be necessary to install individual latched EMERGENCY STOP buttons at short distances apart. Function and technology used in rope pull switches The standard EN 60947-5-5 Ð 6 (requirements for EMERGENCY STOP pushbuttons and rope pull switches) specifies certain requirements that must be met by rope pull switches and that therefore also define the mode of operation of such switches. As such, the latching device (EMERGENCY STOP switch) must be reset by turning a key, by turning the pushbutton in the stated direction or by pulling. Rope pull switches are normally tripped by pulling a plastic-sheathed steel rope (known as the safety rope or pull rope). In addition, EUCHNER rope pull switches feature a latched EMERGENCY STOP button on the housing that has the same effect. EUCHNER -
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