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Image MFG. Part # Description MFG. On Hand Price From
002005US 002005US KNIPEX diagonal cutters set, 3 pieces, includes 6in and 10in long high leverage beveled edge diagonal cutters and 8in long angled head beveled edge diagonal cutters. -
002006US1 002006US1 KNIPEX Cobra pliers set, 3 pieces, includes 7in, 10in and 12in long Cobra high-tech slip-joint pliers. -
002006US2 002006US2 KNIPEX pliers wrench set, 3 pieces, includes 7in, 10in and 12in long pliers wrench adjustable parallel jaw pliers. -
002007US1 002007US1 KNIPEX Alligator pliers set, 3 pieces, includes 7in, 10in and 12in long Alligator slip-joint pliers. -
002072V01 002072V01 KNIPEX mini pliers set, 2 pieces, includes 6in long Pliers Wrench adjustable parallel jaw pliers and 5in long Cobra high-tech slip-joint pliers. Fabric pouch with belt loop included. -
DN-CT-SET DN-CT-SET Modular crimping tool system, (1) DN-CT-HDL handle and (3) die sets: DN-CT-D2, DN-CT-D4 and DN-CT-D5 included. -
BM-80409 BM-80409 Connector assortment kit, includes crimping tool (BM-534), ring and fork terminals, butt and end connectors, plastic case. -
BM-80418 BM-80418 Ferrule assortment kit, includes crimping tool, assorted ferrules, and plastic case. -
BM-5345 BM-5345 Crimping tool set, crimping tool, case, 5 die sets for: insulated or non-insulated 22-12 AWG ferrules; 10-6 AWG ring, fork, butt and end terminals; 22-10 AWG disconnect terminals. included. -
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