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When it comes to procurement services, you can’t compromise anything for quality. This is because materials and electrical components are used in very sensitive areas and we can’t afford to make mistake. This is what has made us to be on our feet up to now; we believe that quality is the key.

C Plus is the leading company in quality electronic equipment procurement. For many years, we have been trusted for maintaining a quality supply chain. We have invested in thousands of procurement agent to compliment quality components and materials.

First indicator of quality enhancement in C Plus is the countless certifications and registrations that we have acquired since our existence. This makes us to help our customers to acquire the best and reduce overall risk in the supply chain.

C Plus enables customers to get their desired material and components from manufacturers without worry so much about the quality of all these. We take care of quality check; this provides valuable solution to the EMS and OEMs providers by procuring genuine and high-quality parts. These are hard to get through the OCM (Original Component Manufacturer) due to obsolescence or excessive lead times.

As we all know, there has been an increased counterfeiting activities in the market today. However, C Plus has displayed great leadership by heavily investing in quality assurance strategies. Over the last few years, many distributors have failed in protection against low quality products. Here at C Plus we strive to protect our customers because we understand that these can lead to great loss of revenue, bad reputation and safety risks.

C plus uses the following strategies in quality assurance:

  • Indentifying and maintaining a reliable source where we can procure quality electronic components.
  • We preserve the integrity and conformity of material and products during the processing time.
  • We report and control any fraudulent, substandard and counterfeit parts and materials.
  • We mitigate the risks of fraudulent and suspected counterfeit parts by using keep detection.

We continuously participate in activities that advance our trade, standards, ethics and education in order to improve our overall quality assurance skills. This also enables us to positively influence others in practicing quality assurance in their operations.

Counterfeiting techniques are advancing as the technology advances. We therefore make sure we are ahead of those who practice these by advancing our detection systems and strategies. It is hard to prevent such fraudulent and counterfeiting practices; we therefore work hard and implement principles and rules to minimize these threat.

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