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Value added Services

Are you in need of reeling, component programming or contract manufacturing? C Plus can do that for you. We have a team of professional specialist who delivers these value added services to our customers in order to satisfy and add value to our company. C Plus offers the flowing value added services. These include:

Programming: we can offer programming that is cost effective, fast and accurate for any volume of programmable logic or flash memory.

Tape and Reel: we can also provide the tape and real services to our customers for their programmable semiconductors or any other surface mounts device needs.

Contract manufacturing: this includes the turnkey assemble of PCBs by the use of surface month for customers who need quality control and quick turnaround.

Other Value-added services include:

  • Drop shipments to customers
  • Bar-coding
  • Packaging
  • Backing and dry pack
  • De-taping products
  • Segregation
  • And others
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