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Electronic Component Distributors

“The Art of Procuring Electronic Components”

C Plus Electronics, Inc has mastered “The Art of Procuring Electronic Components” by gaining access to millions of inventory files from all major OEMs, and EMS manufacturing plants around the world.

We have established ourselves as “The Trusted Source” for Instant Shortage Quotes, BOM and Cost Reduction Programs, Hard to find components solutions, and Purchasing Outsourcing with more than 50 years of combined experience.

Our strategy:

  • We have established locations around the globe: India, South Korea, Mexico, Hong Kong, and USA for better logistics and customer savings.
  • Free shipping specials for selected customers (based upon order volumes).
  • We procure from authorized channels and top tier OEM excess only.
  • Our agents work 24/7 to support local and overseas customers (3 shifts).
  • We accept blanket/programmed orders, BOM quote requests, cost reduction lists, and hard to find semiconductor opportunities.
  • Our authorized lines offer compatible options to replace EOL items, better performance and cost reduction opportunities to our customers.

Contact us Today! If you’re facing a line down situation, have challenges with a particular distributor or manufacturer, or if you want to work with an experienced and proven supplier that will protect your interests.

We have saved millions of dollars to top tier EMS, OEM, and Contract Manufacturers.

Altera Component Distributors
Authorized Representatives for:
SemiconductorSMOS FETs, RF MOSFETs, General Purpose Transitor Small Signal Switching Diode, Band Switching Diode PIN Diode, OP AMP, Comparator, Voltage Stablizer, Voltage Detector (Active Low), Voltage Detector (Active High), Alternator Diode, Surge Absorber.

Broadcom Component DistributorsAutomotive, Alternative Voltage Regulator, Power Folding, Handle Warmer, Motor Driver for Light Levelling, CAN Transceiver, LIN Transceiver, LED Lighting & Display, SmartGrid, Power Management, Circuit Breaker, DC-DC Converter, Motor Controller, PWM, Power Peripheral (TR Array), Standard Logic & Analog, Interface.

LCD Panel Distributors SMD Ferrite & Metal Power Inductors with superior performance and lower prices compatible with TDK, Toko, Murata, Tayo Yuden, Maglayers.
Xilinx Component DistributorsNOR & NAND Type, Flash Memory, ISA / Parallel Flash / Single Bank, SPI / Serial Flash, Simultaneous Operation Flash / Multi-Bank, MCP, NAND, NAND MCP.

SemiconductorSATA INTERFACE, SATA SSD, High Performance, Compact Flash, Secure Digital, Micro SD, USB Interface, USB Embedded Module, USB Drive, mSATA Drivers, USB Flash Drivers, PC Alra, PATA Drivers, Cfast.

SemiconductorAutomobile Electronics Solder Less and Strip Terminals, Connectors to ABS, Multimedia Appliance and Home Appliance.

SemiconductorVoltage Stabilizer, Voltage Regulator, LDO (Low Drop Out) Voltage Regulator, VLDO (Very Low Drop Out) Voltage Regulator, CMOS ULDO (Ultra Low Drop Out) Voltage Regulator, DDR Termination Voltage Regulator and USB Switch, Step-Down Switching Voltage Regulator, LED Driver, Convertor and Controller, Signal Conditioning.
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