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C Plus Electronics, Inc. is a leading Industrial Automation OEMs Representative and an “All in One" Procurement Solution Company. We thrive on bringing a consultative approach using strategic questioning to identify and understand customer's needs while building relationships based on trust and cooperation offering value, return on investment (ROI), and the right solution.  

Our business services and global presence enables technology companies and manufacturers to penetrate new markets as a result of years of well-established relationships with Top Tier OEMs, CMs, and EMS around the world.   

C Plus started operations in 2003 from the owner's garage as a hard-to-find independent distributor.  Fourteen years later, we have grown as one of the leaders in the industry mastering the art of electronics procurement for almost any raw material with precision, speed, and effectiveness. We are also Authorized Distributors and OEM representatives for more than twenty-five reputable manufacturer brands enabling us to become trusted by those whom we have worked with, including partners, customers, vendors, and others.

We offer the following services here at C Plus;

  • MRO & Raw Material procurement
  • Global Procurement
  • EOL & Shortage Procurement
  • Contract Negotiation
  • BOM Evaluation
  • Excess Inventory Procurement
  • Procurement Consulting
  • Design And Engineering
  • EOM Representative
  • Third Party Manufacturing e.g. PCB Assembly
  • Electronic Component Procurement
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Value Added Services (CNC Machining, PCB Engineering & Manufacturing, Plastic Injection Projects)

We specialize in the following categories:

  • Semiconductors e.g. kits, development boards, ICs, LEDs, Transducers etc.
  • Passives e.g. capacitors, resistors, coils, chokes, relays etc.
  • Electromechanical components e.g. fans, audio, motors, relays, switches etc.
  • Connectors / Interconnect e.g. terminal blocks, coaxial, USB/HDMI/DVI, jumpers, memory, filters, etc.
  • Cables and Wires e.g. coaxial, fiber optic, flat flex, wire wrap, audio, etc.
  • Industrial Automation e.g. antennas, sensors, industrial computers & displays, push buttons, etc

The expertise, procurement experience, quality, great customer service, and other value added services have enabled C Plus to be one of the leading procurement companies in the world. We have supplied quality materials and components to thousands of companies worldwide, establishing ourselves as leaders within our industry and becoming “THE TRUSTED” partner for better pricing, smarter logistics, faster delivery, end of life replacements, and manufacturing outsourcing services.

C Plus has purchasing and sales representatives in various parts of the world in order to extend our services globally, these include: USA, Mexico, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Brazil, Panama, and India.

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